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Mr. Bang On Debut Album Tour comes to C...E...R... Sat 25th

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This fresh new night is hosted by your very own kidProquo @ The Tunnels on the last Saturday of every month.

Cut... Edit... Rewind... is a collection of different style DJs and artists from your very own backdoor to halfway round the World giving it the best in turntabiliism trickery to techno effects tom foolery. Plus live band setups, MCs and plenty of tunes, beats and hidden treats from local and long distance talent.

This time round we bring an absolute belter of an MC. Ever listened to Liverpudlian hip-hop before!!!...

I doubt it!...

Trust me, go check out Bang On Live @ The Magnet Liverpool this Saturday on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Nothing but crazy rhymes, beats and flows from this 19 year old Scally lad as Cut... Edit... Rewind... becomes the 2nd stop on the Mr Bang On Acting the Goat debut album release tour...

You just can NOT miss this one. Tell all and everyone to come on down for another adventure as we bring Aberdeen real, upcoming and down right fresh talent.

Shinobi is one of the hottest up and coming DJ's in the UK. From DJing on the Liverpool Football Club pitch, to organising Chess showcases with the mighty RZA,spinning at the UK's hottest clubs like Sidewinder, Love Dough, Ministry Of Sound and Fabric, not forgetting his marketing and street team work for artists like Jay Z, Pharrell,Chamillionaire and much more, this kid is always on the grind.

Cruicky is the local legend of Aberdeen slang rhyming. Ripping in to every issue that ever passes your eyes and ears. Top flows and lyrical imagination make him stand out on stage, making you stand up and listen!....

Added note of much importance. It is my pleasure and pride to say that Cruicky, also named Neil Cruickshank on his bank statements, produced the 'Acting the Goat' album

Let's all make this a huge night for everyone. Get involved and get down for some proper up and coming talent, infront and behind the mixing desk.

Websites for all:

Bang On Live @ The Magnet Liverpool this Saturday on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Andy Shinobi (DJShinobi) on Twitter

kidProquo on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

cruicky on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


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Quick note to say that entry with a flyer will only be 3 for this event.

Flyers can be found here:

Kilau Coffee Shop

Earl of Sandwich


Granite Reef


The Skatepark (After tonight)

Aberdeen Snowsports Centre (Garthdee) from this weekend as I'm DJing a 5 hour set for the DC snowboard jam

There will also be flyers handed out on Belmont Street this weekend and next weekend too.

I also (of course) have all the flyers if people want to reply I can organise some kind of batch pick up

Nice one

kid out

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Ahoy hoy people of pleasure. Wee message far ye:

Had a Japanese standing meeting yesterday and this Saturdays Cut... Edit... Rewind... with 'Mr. Bang On' will be the official afterparty for the Graffiti and Music jam down at Transition Skatepark which will be on all day.

Go check it out if you can. Some of the best Graf artists from not only Bonnie Britannia but incredible painters from the deep city streets of Europe. These guys will be joined by top class hip-hop and scratch DJ's, I'll probably be spinning a few for fun and should have Cruicky down to join me with some tight freestyle rhyme's. Plus of course all the usual skateboard going's on too, boozin and shinanigans.

I have to say after going around the town it's been a pleasure to see so many people getting involved with C...E...R... and supporting the local scene. Looks like Saturday will be out the door!, can't wait to get the show on the go and see you all down there.

Pleasure and love


Oh and if you'd like a Bang On warm-up here's his mixtape:

you can download a mixtape here RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

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Hello folks,

Unfortunately due to unforseen family issues Mr. Bang On and Shinobi cannot make it tomorrow night, but all is not lost.

The show must go on so I have invited several Local MC's to join Cruicky and myself on stage for a pure Scottish live Hip-Hop night.

Also hopefully joining us will be top Hip-Hop DJ's from the Grafitti Jam down at the Skatepark.

All entry will be 3 now which is a bargain for a Saturday night.

Let's still support local music and have a bangin' party anyway.

Much pleasure and love

kPq oot

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