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Ghosts of Progress, The Colour Proposal & Support @ The Tunnels, 17 July 2009

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See you can get a bunch of that TCP band's older stuff for free from the box widget thing on the website. The Colour Proposal

Indeed you can.

Those are our very early, original demos recorded in our guitarists bedroom on a eBay bought mixer.......very rough around the edges and they aren't particularly beefy but some of that earlier material has now been filled out and are very much staples of our live set together with a bunch of new material as well.

End of last year we entered a "proper" studio and the result was the single "(I Don't Know) Everything You Know" (this is also on the box widget) and there are two more finished tracks from those sessions. We're going back into the studio at the start of August to record our second album.


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Looking forward to this gig tomorrow night.

I've caught the guys from The Colour Proposal twice with the full band in recent months and last month when they did an acoustic set. Good band and they are getting better every time I see them.

Any idea who the local supports are as yet?

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We are also going to be handing out a free CD tomorrow night containing our last single and a live performance Right And Its Wrong from our previous show at The Tunnels.

There will be limited numbers of the CDs available and once they are gone - they are gone!

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