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Best Wednesday night out in Aberdeen?


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Priory - Avoid!!! The place is awful, never been a fan.

Exodus used to be good on a Wednesday,used to play old from the 70s and up but not sure if that's still the case. I can't see them still being on that bandwagon almost 3 years later ... maybe I'm wrong tho.

Liquid - if its your scene/thing, you do get a good night in there but have moved on from there as we're beginning to feel a little bit old. Last time we were in, we felt a little bit too old for it.

Pearl - supposed to be good but not experienced it yet so can't tell you.

Heard Tiger is pretty good on a Wed, also heard a lot of good things about Korova. Ended up on Sin on Littlejohn Street a few months back on a Wednesday, wasn't too bad but was actually quite busy and there was a few good promos on as well.

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priory is 2 for one on sundays now...

wednesdays in liquid upstairs at cheesy is pretty good, but i think theyve stoppe that till uni/college kids get back.

korova is a good shout, but its got more of a bar feel to it than a club, and if its busy it can take forever to get served in the upstairs bar (the only one open as far as im aware) and all the seats are usually taken.

exo is still pretty good, but seems to be REALLY quiet latley. Im not sure how late the bobbin is open, but its usually a good night out, bit more relaxed than the clubs, but the video jukebox is pretty good, and the booze is pretty cheap.

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Heard Tiger is pretty good on a Wed

Tiger Tiger is best tried on a Monday - no real competition I can think of.

Tuesday - Nowhere. Worst night of the week period. Just try all the free places.

Wed - Pearl Lounge - as I say, that end of town will generally be busiest (although I prefer Snafu)

Thursday is hit 'n miss - Espionage, Exodus or.... argh... Priory if you dare (Free places all close together so you can switch about) There's also Drummonds in amongst all of them if you just want to have a drink. Snafu has it's Dirty Hearts night on a Thurs. Possibly decent.

Fri/Sat - Anywhere really, the whole place is fucking mobbed.

Sun - can't remember. By Sunday everything usually seems like a blur to me.

Keep Exodus/Espionage in mind for switching around possibilities. If you want your night to continue join one of the Casinos. The one beside Snafu is fine.

That's your mainstream clubs dealt with in Aberdeen.

Snafu's a safe bet most nights cos it's a little bit smaller and it's not exactly carbon copy/more of the same Aberdeen bullshit type place.

Bar 99 is a cool wee bar for a cocktail beside St Nics cemetry.

Enigma is pretty good if you're in the free bar/belmont triangle.

Anyway... coming back to Wednesday nights... erm... if you're fucking hardcore for cheap drinks I wouldn't be surprised if Jam or... argh... Charlies had promos on those nights and it's in the right end of town.

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