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Ampeg valve bass preamp SVP-Pro


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SVP-Pro bass preamp.

5 valves

1U rack format.

Clean and happy.

250 including delivery within the 'normal price' area

The SVP Pro preamp is the front end for the SVT Pro range of integrated amps. SAme as in an SVT-3 Pro.

Recently discontinued but not replaced in the product line up.

Lots of tone shaping with the usual 5 midrange voice options and the graphic sliders.

All the ins and outs you could want for live and recording links.

And its an Ampeg.

Last lowest online price I could find was 430 from Dolphin Music.

Last ebay sale was 260 for an older one which turned out to have some issues (hiya, Gav!).

This one is in great shape and only 250.

User comments

Ampeg SVP Pro Bass Preamp: Harmony Central User Reviews

Owners manual


Remember, this is a preamp so you will need to run it through a power amp to drive your speakers.

Happy to answer any questions. P/x may be possible, but please don't get cranky if you item(s) don't turn me on...

YouTube video is a chap in Ukraine, but is OK once you get past the words.

Where did he get all that cool stuff...?

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