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13" Hi Hats

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I have one set of 13" hats left in my shop just now, Rockapotamus Music - in Inverurie.

They are TRX's, BRT series. We've got a sale on until the end of this month, so there is some discount to be had on these (normally 157, now 122).

I've been really impressed with all the TRX stuff we have, very good quality - but maybe not the first name that pops into everyone heads when they're thinking about new cymbals.

Feel free to come into the shop and check these out for yourself.

All the best,


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Here's a link to the distributor website: Morico Ltd

Under the TRX page it has a short review which is worth a quick read.

For the first two years after their launch they did win newcomer awards at several music industry shows - so hopefully they're starting to get some recognition.

Like I say not the first name anyone is going to think of, but once folk have a chance to play them for themselves they seem to appreciate the quality of them.

Anyway, just an option for you if you manage to have a look out to the shop sometime.


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