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DMX + Cocaine = Very Funny Story

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Also from www.Drownedinsound.com

Rapper DMX, last seen by this writer 'acting' alongside Steven Segal, could be facing seven years in the clink following his bizarre antics at a New York airport the other day.

DMX allegedly crashed his sport-utility vehicle (that's, like, a big people carrier or something) through a parking lot gate at Kennedy Airport after telling the attendant he was a government agent; the car was kitted out with a siren and lights. Apparently, he then ordered another driver to get out of his vehicle, and when said driver refused DMX got nasty and proceeded to attempt to pull him from the vehicle. The rapper and a friend were arrested on charges of impersonating a federal agent (and, one presumes, acting bananas).

Cocaine was found in DMX's car, which may go some way to explaining his behaviour, but also adds to the severity of the charges. The pair are currently free on $15,000 bail, but if found guilty of all charges they face seven years in jail.

DMX's gig in Glasgow tonight has, obviously, been postponed.

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