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Free CD's, books and magazines

His Majesty

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I'm having a clear out of stuff due to diminishing space and have streamlined my CD collection down to the bare essentials and absolute favourites so I have a few boxes of CD's to give away to anyone that wants to come and collect them.

It's mostly 60's psych and prog stuff, jazz ans blues comps, some mid 90's indie, and other stuff that I can't remember at the moment. There's also some old books on the beatles, stones etc and some corny love novels courtesy of my wife.

I could probably sell most of it, but I cannot be assed with ebay etc. Pm me if you're interested. Don't ask for a list of whats in there, cos it's all packed up. Some great stuff, some shit, but it's free. 8-)

Whoever wants this will need to come to my house in sheddocksley this Friday between 9am - 9pm.


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