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Sungha Jung - 9 Year Old Guitarist

Guest idol_wild

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That kid is pretty good for 9 like. I quite liked those alternate chords that he played at the start of hotel california. His billy jean (or 'birry jean', as herman ri would call it) cover was also quite entertaining.

The best I can remember in recent years was Nick Sterling who was an incredible blues shredder by the age of ten, and was jamming with the likes of satriani on stage at that age, when the guitar was about the same size as he was.

Seen it before, but love that Dragonforce video Paul.

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Who was the kid who was ludicrously young and could play Vai as well as Vai, but then went loco in true child star and gave up playing? Think he was from/ ended up in Newcastle mad as a fuck. Any ideas?

YouTube - 8 year old guitar Virtuoso = This is my personal favourite guitar prodigy video; the tune he breaks into with the band is Racer X's "Frenzy", the opening assault off the Street Lethal record, for all those uneducated amongst you. Fucking amazing wee fella though; he's even got the Paul Gilbert pick noise and everything. Dirty bastard.

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