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CATS AND CATS AND CATS+Katerwaul+Greater The Shadow+Free Korps - Mon 5 Oct @ Tunnels

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AGP is delighted to announce the return of the amazing


+ support - Tunnels - Sun 5 Oct - 14+ - 7.30pm

Having fallen in love with Irn Bru that we force fed them last time, Cats x 3 return north.

It was a joyful occassion last time and we cannot wait for this to come around!

Here are some lovely quotes about this truly superb band...

"Enigmatic experimentation and sumptuous layering" 8/10 ROCKSOUND

"An EP of unmitigated brilliance. Just buy it" NME

"The musical culmination of everything good you can say about Mew and Arcade Fire" 9/10 DrownedinSound

"A band clearly forging their own path, regardless of scenes or trends. Intense, melodic, out-there. Praise worthy indeed. Excellent work" 4/5 Playmusic Magazine March 2007

"An album many bands could only dream of making" In it for the money-zine

"Sweet, sweet uplifting music" Organ Magazine's Album of the week review

"a listen that will burst your capillaries, such is the excitement generated by this five piece" 9/10 Powpowpow.com

"sure to be raved as a classic of its kind for years to come" drownedinsound.com

"This is music from another dimension, this is music that defies categorisation." The Devil Has The Best Tuna review

"This is truly fresh, truly exhilerating, brain-stonking, mind-blowing music" Jack Argles (Head of Music)

"High quality, quirky songs with inspired lyrics and unbounded ideas" 83% Spill magazine

"These lot are definitely ones to watch" 8/10 drownedinsound.com

"Brutally dynamic and beautifully schizophrenic meanderings masquerading as songs" 4.5/5 This is fake DIY.co.uk

"Cats and Cats and Cats, not Cats and Cats, or Cats and Cats and Cats and Cats....I quite like this actually!!" Rhythm Magazine

"Gorgeous in a ferocious kind of way" Steve Lamacq Radio 1

"A Mew that likes flowers and girls in red dresses and stuff" drownedinsound.com

"Best unsigned band of 2005" Rockfood.co.uk

"pricks and pricks and pricks" Another story

"You could even say they were bordering on Purr-fection" sigh Nue Magazine.co.uk


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Greater The Shadow added to complete this bill


Greater The Shadow


Free Korps

Tix in One Up and Welcome to TicketWeb! now

Anyone interested in the Glasgow show 4 Oct - Classic Grand - w/There Will Be Fireworks

and Edinburgh Cab Voltaire w/There Will Be Fireworks and Free Korps

Tix on sale for these at Welcome to TicketWeb! too

All 14+

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this gig is tonight, monday night

can i get a "fuck aye"?

"FUCK AYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I am up remarkably early and am well in the mood for this! Last night in Glasgow was great, but we all know Aberdeen is better so get down in force for this and catch all the bands!

And for good measure another "FUCK AYE"

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