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TIM & SAMS TIM & THE SAM BAND WITH TIM & SAM+Lions.Chase.Tigers-Sat 26 Sept @ Tunnels

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AGP presents







Tickets on sale now from One Up and Welcome to TicketWeb! - only a fiver!

14+ 7.30pm


Megan Vaughan, Manchestermusic: "Tim and Sam make music for the entrance foyer of heaven."

ManchesterEveningNews: "The Manc oufit make music as snug as a warm winter blanket; all folk-drenched pastoral psychedelia with an extra sprinkling of ethereal wooziness."

The Guardian: Recommended new music. "Like listening to Sigur Rs, without the worry of deciphering Hopelandic."

Rock Sound: "Carefully crafted instrumental indie that twists and turns with folky wonder."

Clash Music: "Wonderfully Gonzales styled Balearic instrumental pop. Curious, longing, elegant, romantic, a Working For A Nuclear Free City sans the techno elements, Join The Dots is an emotive, resonant track that wouldnt feel out of place on the first Caf Del Mar album."

Cath Aubergine, Manchestermusic: "Tim and his real friends play lovely indie-flavoured melodic post-rock with gorgeous peals of acoustic guitars, a clarinet and a glockenspiel propped up on an ironing board. This seems, for some reason, quite important - in a genre where it sometimes seems bands are trying to out-pretentious each other they seem warm, organic and very down-to-earth."

XFM Manchester: "Ones to watch."

Planet Sound: "Blissed out folk in the manner of Tunng."

Stephen Fretwell: "You're amazing!"

James Yuill: "My favourite folk band."

Chris Long, BBC: "Tim and the Sam Bands music speaks for itself. Its luscious, delicious stuff - the sound of dreams siphoned into your speakers."

Mark Riley: "Wonderful pastoral music. A refreshing change."

Huw Stephens: "Beautiful."

Tom Robinson: "Deliciously hypnotic pastoral Steve Reichy instrumentals."

Marsha XFM: "Rousing, engaging and rather moving. The sort of band that gently create such a big warm noise, it almost feels odd that you can't see it."

Sam Walker, BBC Manchester: "Beautiful. Just divine."


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I have a vague recollection from last night ouside tunnels that the poster on the door had their name wrong?? Pretty sure it said Tim and Sams Tim and The Sam Band with Tim and Sam...

The correct band name (despite not being particularly flowing) is the one on the poster - TIM AND SAM'S TIM AND THE SAM BAND WITH TIM AND SAM. The thread title here needs changed though.

The poster has an extra S on the e version on the myspace but not on the physical poster Inkster.

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