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A GENUINE FREAKSHOW + Indian Red Lopez + Headlight + The Form - Fri 25 Sept @ Tunnels

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AGP proudly presents


Friday 25 Sept @ Cafe Drummonds - 14+ - 7.30pm -

Tickets 5 from One Up and Welcome to TicketWeb!


Spine tingling good from this seven piece experimental troop. This has blown me away. If you dont believe me have a sneaky listen at A Genuine Freakshow on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


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This band are absolutely phenomenal Ross, where did you happen on these guys? :up:

well basically I just have great taste in booking bands!

Nah, I work with their agent quite alot and found them on her roster. Had a wee listen and was hooked. That live song on their myspace is amazing! Cant wait to see/hear it for myself!

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This one was an absolute pleasure for us.

Thought The Form did really well, some hitches early on but they battled through and I thought they did themselves proud, Indian Red Lopez were reliably good and A Genuine Freakshow are probably the best band we've ever played with.

Chuffed to bits with the turnout as well, and thanks as ever to Ross and the team for another cracking night, best promoters in town for my money!

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