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Roky Erickson in London in August

Monster Zero

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Roky Erickson plays the HMV Forum in London on 20th August, anyone else making a trip to see an extremely rare British appearance?

Personally I've been a fan ever since I bought the soundtrack to 'Return of the Living Dead' in the 80's for a Cramps song and heard his song 'Burn the Flames' that was on it. I subsequently obtained a few solo albums after much searching and discovered he had been in a band called 13th Floor Elevators and so finally tracked down their stuff as well. His stuff is much easier to track down these days with Amazon and so on, I spent years trawling 2nd hand shops for CD's.

Got my tickets, flights and hotel sorted, hope he doesn't throw a wobbler before then....

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I think this is only the 2nd gig he has ever played in this country, the last being only a few years ago, also in London. His mental health has only improved sufficiently in the last few years to enable him to travel and play gigs. Given that he is in his 60's now and his history of health issues I just decided this may be the time to take the opportunity to see him. I could actually do without the expense but it's a few days after my birthday so I'm treating myself.

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He turned up! And he was pretty damn good. :up:

Only did just over an hour and was obviously having to be kept right about the set list and such by band members between songs but during songs his voice and guitar playing were in fine form.

Set list mainly taken from 'The Evil One' album - opened with 'Two Headed Dog' with places for 'Bloody Hammer', 'I Think of Demons', 'Stand for the Fire Demon', 'Creature With the Atom Brain', 'Don't Shake Me Lucifer', 'Night of the Vampire', 'It's a Cold Night for Alligators' and an encore of 'I Walked With a Zombie'. 'Starry Eyes', The Beast' and 'Don't Slander Me' were also in there along with renditions of the Elevator's 'Splash 1' and 'You're Gonna Miss Me'. So pretty much what I wanted to hear.

HMV Forum is an OK wee venue as well.

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