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Drum Mics for Sale


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I've got a set of drum mics that I don't use any more.

I used to have a mixer and I sold that last year, so the mics have been sitting in their case for ages now.

They're made by Superlux and they cost 190 new when I bought them.

I've looked at prices on google, and they range from about 195 - 225 new.

The set consists of: Kick, Snare, 3 Tom mics and 2 overheads.

The set is called the Superlux DRK-B5C2

I have pictures of them, so just PM me if you wanna see photos.

I can't get them to be displayed here for some reason, fuckin faff.

I've tested them all, just 5 minutes ago and they all work.

They come in a padded case to protect them.

They've never left the house, I bought them a couple of years ago to try and record my drums at home, but I didn't really know what I was doing and now they're just sitting pointlessly in my house :(

Since I paid 190 for them, I think 100 is reasonable to ask for, but I remain open to offers.


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