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Agencies In Aberdeen


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Was wondering if you lovely folks could help me out...I have a friend moving up from loch lomond and is looking at visiting every agency in aberdeen on the first day..

I know about

aaa Recruitment | Transforming your future

Aberdeen Appointments Agency

Head Office: 461 Union Street, Aberdeen

Branch Office: Alford House, 1 Alford Place, Aberdeen

but was wondering if you guys knew of any other decent ones....


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Ah oops don't know why i automatically went for a male, my bad.

There are a few up by Holburn Juction:


Team Recruitment

there is another one at the Junction of Union Street and Chapel Street which i can't remember

Raeburn recruitment Ruby House

BEV up by the Vue doors on Union Street - got my current job through them, although they found my CV on S1jobs

Reed as i mentioned before is on Union Street,they are pretty good, from the few times i've been in to see them.

Pi Recruitment is on Carden Place, they were pretty good

There is a agency on North Silver Street called Right People, That's a pretty good place.

Keleys is on George Street, LA recruitment on Union Street near Gamestation, there are a few more round by Burger King.

These are some just off the top of my head, most i have had some dealing with but have only actually registered with a few due to being in IT.

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I was with Manpower for less than 3 hours and they sorted me a job. They are good. They have all the council stuff, so get on it.

Thorpe Molloy claim to be the 'market leaders' in the area. I was with them for about 8 months. They are good, but don't seem to have much in the City Centre, and the commute to Altens is NO FUN!

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My Mrs tried AAA. After her interview she never heard from them again.

Did she pester them? The art of getting anything out of an agency is being an absolute pain in the arse to them. Bugging the crap out of them until they just throw anything at you. I didn't hear back from AAA either because I didn't really get on their case much. However, I did hassle the shit out of Carlton, yet never got anything.

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Guest idol_wild

I have found both Office Angels and AAA to be very very good. Office Angels had me employed within about three days; AAA hade me sorted within a week.

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