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Xbox 360 + 12 games - 160 o.n.o


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Xbox 360 for sale - only used for about 3 months,basically brand new, have packaging etc,

Ethernet Cable

20gig HD

Wireless Controller


Gears Of War

The Orange Box

Rainbow Six Vegas 1 + 2



Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 3

Dead Rising

Tony Hawks Project 8

Perfect Dark zero

Mercenaries 2

Looking for 160 o.n.o

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bump! its all in good condition, games and console. Im open to offers i.e console and w/e games you want for a reasonable price. console itself is 100 w/ controller + 20gb Hard Drive. Hard drive is completely clean as i transferred my data to my Elite. Only reason im selling it is because i got my Elite for the HD input.

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