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hair/rock/metal tribute band 80s


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after being in a few bands where we only played originals i want to start an 80's hair/rock/metal tribute act for the sheer fucking awsomeness of it!!!

im wanting to do like

guns n roses, motley crue, kiss, skid row, def leppard, bon jovi, warrant, ect etc.

you get the picture.

looking for competent musicians who can play to the standard say a tribute act would be expected to.

everybody is welcome.... just want to play some good times songs with like minded folk.

then potentially get dressed up and play a few gigs

im a guitarist looking for probably


vocals- must be able to reach those high notes



get back to me if yer fancying it

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I would maybe, maybe be up for this. I also have a mate who is a singer, he may also be up for it. I will talk to him and let you know. We used to be in a 80's covers band a couple of years back and have talked about doing it again. But we would more be looking to do pub covers and make a bit of money out of it.

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right in a bid to try and broaden the tastes i have decided it might be best to go for a generic rock covers band that way we could play a much more varied amount of stuff and appeal to more audiences.

hoping to eventually become a function band playing pubs,birthdays,weddings etc etc

still keeping things on the rock side though so maybe add queen deep purple led zep to the mix and im sure theres a market for this kind of stuff

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That sounds fine.

Was at AC/DC last night at Hampden, best gig i've ever been at! Would like the chance to cover one of their songs.

Let me know when we can get a group of us together for a jam, see how goes.

How much songs do you think we'd need to play before we get out gigging?

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