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FS: JVC KD-LHX552 car stereo - 75


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For sale is a JVC KD-LHX552 car stereo. I'm selling it because my car has a funny shaped stereo and I can't be bothered dismantling my dashboard in order to fit it.

Here's a stock picture of it:


A brief rundown of the features:

* 50 peak x 4 channels

* Motorised, detachable, fold-down face

* Touch screen controls with voice support

* Variable color 3D graphics display (with 1,728 possible colors)

* Personalised Image Capture Technology (PICT) allows you to download your own images into the display (software included)

* DiAS digital RDS AM/FM tuner

* 18 FM/6 AM presets

* Plays MP3 and WMA files

* ID3v2 MP3 Tag Compatibility

* Plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs

* SD Card Slot

* Direct track access (tracks 1-12)

* 7-band iEQ (with 9 preset and 3 user-adjustable EQ curves)

* Advanced multi-bit DAC

* CD/MP3 changer controls

* MOSFET internal amp

* 5-volt, gold-plated front, rear, and subwoofer preamp outputs

* Level control and low-pass filter on subwoofer preamp outputs

* Gold-plated rear auxiliary input

* Wireless remote

* Clock

New they're going for 130, I'll take 75 for it.

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