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Drum stuff for sale


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Hi all

Just posting some stuff i have for sale - was keeping the rack for someone for over a month who said he would buy it and has let me down - you know who you are!!!!!

Feel free to get in touch - im open to offers and need cash for my holiday and also need the space lol!


A huge pearl Icon Rack with about 14 clamps, 9 cymbal boom arms, an x-hat clamp and 5 tom arms. Great rig that can hold alot - im back to using stands now so don't need it. Message me for pics.

13inch Richmo Custom snare in Birch. Blue Sparkle with black hardware and Dunell throw off.

Vintage Zildjian ride cymbal - great for jazz etc. Collectors item.

Some old "Scimitar" Zildjian hi-hats and ride cmybal.

Also got some random old cymbals if you want to message me for list.

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