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Acoustic guitar pick up recommendations

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I bought a rather nicely priced acoustic pick up the other week, through necessity more than anything else as I had a gig and no semi acoustic - however I've been pleasantly surprised with how good the pick up has been and thought I'd share - on the off chance anyone else is looking for one:

"Black box" acoustic pick up.

Cost: Paid 11.50 on eBay (including delivery)

Seems to be a single-coil pickup, definitely much nicer sounding and louder than the old piezo (Mr Christie will testify to this :) ). Sticks to the outside of the guitar body with tack (included :D). When recording, putting it through an EQ V shape filter gives it a great sound. Used it for the Lemon Tree gig last week and the engineer got a really nice sound out of it, which surprised and pleased me no end! For the price I paid I wasn't expecting it to be high class, but it's certainly better than the Maplin one (which retails at 15) and I'm going to test it against the top range Fishman pick ups soon... definitely worth a look if you're interested in getting a pickup for your acoustic... :up: :up:

Weblink: http://www.geocities.com/robzibal/

Couple of eBay auctions running NOW:



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