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danelectro freespeech talk box


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so hey,

a while back i bought a danelectro free speech, im led to believe its the worlds only inline talk box, it realy is quiet a clever pedal but i have no use for it. I bought it thinking it would be great and i could make lots of cool noises like peter Frampton or joe walsh, forgeting that i actually hate fucking about with effects.

its in great condition ive only used it once, i dont have the box or the manuel i do have the tube/mic combo that makes this pedal so easy to use. it is used tho so you may want to get a new one. i believe bnq sell the right dia tube simply slide the mic over a new tube and ur ready to go.

for hygiene reasons i cant let everyone on this site try it before they buy, so on that note it shall be sold as seen but you can trust me that it works perfectly

since i dont have the box or manuel, 50 (including one slightly used tube)


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