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Hey, I'm having a bit of a clear out so here's some of the equipment I'm selling:

-Yamaha EMX5000-20 Mixer/PA. Sell with two 500w Yamaha speakers and stands. (Excellent condition)

-Adam Black Orion electric guitar (Excellent cond.)

-Marshall Jackhammer Distortion/Overdrive pedal (Bit bashed)

-Korg AX10-G multi-effects pedal (Excelent cond.)

-Pedaltrain pedal board. sell with power supply (Good condit.)

-Evolution MK-449c midi controller (Excellent cond.)

-Pod X3 Live Multi-effects pedal

-Marshall valvestate vs65r amp. (Bit bashed and the clean channel sucks but the distortion channel is quality)

If your interested in any of these, just send me a PM and we can negotiate prices, pick-up etc.



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