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Funk Machine Presents Nick Pride and the Pimptones

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Funk Machine proudly present

Nick Pride and the Pimptones

Nick Pride and The Pimptones on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

The Pimptones, based in Newcastle, Uk, is the brainchild of Nick Pride, a jazz guitarist with a passion for Hip-Hop, Soul, and most of all Breakbeat Funk. The band's super-tight sound came the old fashioned way - from constant gigging, jamming, rehearsing and refining.

From supporting Candi Staton and Youngblood Brass Band, to playing at the Gateshead International Jazz Festival, the groups reputation has grown since its birth in 2007.

Been listening to the samples on myspace and they're good!!! The radio interview tells you about them a bit, nice idea. We're getting pretty lucky with some great bookings!

Super Six Funk Machine

Party Funk at it's finest. Back to our full line up for this one - 3 vocalists, bass, drums, sax/keys. Check out our stuff on Super Six Funk Machine on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

DJ set from QBC + TBC.

FUNK MACHINE .... Bringing you the funk!!

Keep your eyes out for our up coming shows some interesting acts in the pipeline

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This is going to be a great gig. We're starting to attract some great out of town acts now so come along and enjoy the talent. Plenty more in the pipeline and the more people we get along to these shows the more money we can pump back in to get the more expensive acts up to Aberdeen.

If you were at the Belleruche show, you'll know that we put on a good night!

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Half the month to go so bump.

We just finished writing a new track last night so we will definitely be airing this for the first time at this show. Just a little bit of shine to put on it and tighten the screws. There are at least 2 or 3 other tracks we are working on so we hope to have at least one more by the 14th.

Hope you can make it down and get your funk on.

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Only a matter of days now, feels like we've not played in ages so really looking forward to this. Managed to get a wee plug on the Craig Charles funk and soul show which was ace to hear.

BBC - 6 Music - Shows

If you are into your soul and funk music and haven't listened to it I highly recommend you click on the link and listen again. It's great show.

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Rough stage times:

DJ QBC 8 - 10.30

Super Six Funk Machine 10.30

Nick Pride and the Pimptones 11.30

DJ FM 12.30 - 3am

We had our final practice of the week last night and it went well, we're really pleased with the new songs and looking forward to giving them their first performance tonight. There are several more in various stages of readiness so you'll be getting something new every time you come to one of our shows.

Pretty excited to watch Nick Pride and the Pimptones too. They're line up is guitar, bass, drums, sax and trumpet. Got to love a brass section!

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Friday was funkalicious - lovin the 'Superman' song, Daddy C!

Cheers bro. Yeah, there is something good happening in that song!! I'm not going to manage along to the lemon tree on Saturday for you show. It's my dad's 60th so family wins out over music this time. Anything I can do to help out though, flyers, posters, invites etc just let me know.

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