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Best place to try out and purchase a snare drum

Rick Faulkner

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Looking for some more help. As I haven't brought any new drums for long time, can anyone recommend a good shop to go to and try out snare drums? Doesn't have to be local.

Well, obviously start off locally.....Bruce Millers usually has a few nice drums in stock, and I'd be surprised if you couldn't find something decent there. Although as a non-specialist drum shop, folk in the other departments tend to get a bit hacked off if you spend forever making a racket......

I've also shopped a couple of times at Drum Central in Edinburgh which is a cool shop with a decent selection. There's a Drum Central in Glasgow too.

Doubt you'll need to travel outwith Aberdeen though. Millers usually has some decent stock.

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Dunno about the Glasgow shop, but the Edinburgh shop isn't exactly massive. If I were you, I'd phone to ask what they've got in stock before making a trip.

Been a few years since I was at Drum Central, but from memory, they stocked Pearl, Mapex, Premier and Yamaha....pretty sure they stock DW as well.

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