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Jonathan Ross arrested for shoplifting!

Dan G

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18 June 2009

Moderator HQ,


Teh Interwebz,


FAO: Moderators

Dear Sirs,


REF NO: BS01-180609

I refer to your recent removal of the above thread from the general discussion forum and subsequent repositioning within the humour sub-forum.

Whilst I appreciate that you have assessed the content of the thread in question, and deemed it worthy of a place within the revered humour section of this website, I put it to you that this was a large mistake based on your obvious misunderstanding of the concept of satire. I recognise your roles as moderators have been designated upon you due to an apparent absence of a sense of humour, and therefore I am very understanding in how this mistake may have occurred.

Humour is an entirely subjective concept, and one could deduce that something may only be considered humour once a large enough percentage of the people observing it respond with an appreciative comment, acronymic expression of laughter or enjoyment (e.g. lol, lmao or rofl), smiley face or in the case of this website, the much sought-after positive reputation points.

Due to the clearly underwhelming performance of this thread in the Views vs Positive respsonses ratio I am left to assume that my original post is objectively NOT humour. In fact at the time of writing, the only lol was offered by a grown man who listens to rapping clowns, an attribute that negates his opinion on anything and everything except the best place to hire an act for working class childrens birthday parties.

I trust we can settle this matter by returning the thread to its original location within the general discussion forum.

I look forward to your response.

Yours faithfully,

Daniel P. Goldsworthy BSc (Hons) MArch.

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