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2 really dumb PS3 questions


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Every PS3 will play a PS1 game (there may be a few games that don't work at all though). It's only emulation for PS2 games that there is no backwards compatability with on newer models.

What was the logic behind scrapping the backwards compatability anyway?

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I'm not telling you. You'll only fucking argue about it...

Oh come on, don't be such a misery guts!

An answer like "It was too expensive to put the physical PS2 hardware inside the PS3 and emulation is too inaccurate" would have done :p

(I imagine that was the reason, though I could easily be wrong)

I believe "Pwned" is the correct term?

Come on..you can only talk about men when you're actually old enough to drink/have hair on your face.

Shouldn't you be outside demolishing phone boxes instead of sitting on the internet, anyway?

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