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GLINT(NYC), ATLAS SKYE, My Cousin I Bid You Farewell, The Whisky Works - Sun 26 July

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AGP is delighted to announce



Glint was conceived by Jase Blankfort (NYC) and Mateus Tebaldi (Brazil) in New York City and quickly deemed an "irresistible live act in the electronic art rock scene" by Billboard Magazine. This acclaim was given when the project was in its early stages, as a duo consisting of Blankfort and drummer Tebaldi. Shortly after the release of Sound in Silence, by chance, Jase and Mateus met Alon Leventon (Tel Aviv), filling the role of keyboards and synthesizers, and bassist Dave Johnsen (Brooklyn). The quartets first show took place in Central Park in Spring of 2008, followed by an immediate rise to New Yorks prominent stages, and more recently, international demand. Operating independently through Rely Records, the label co-founded by Glint, the band first found the ears of the music media through Sound in Silence in 2008. Since meeting, Blankfort and Leventon have become musical conspirators and an innovative production duo. In 2009, now a complete organism, Glint is breaking new ground in the studio and stage. You really have to experience the epic proportions of Glint in sound and sight.


Atlas Skye make a welsome return after their headline show saw close to 150 people attend in May. Previously plying their trade in Drive By Argument, they have perfected their direction and whilst still being largely synth led, the five piece now have a new momentum.


Tickets only 5 from One Up and Welcome to TicketWeb! - this show is part of our 2 for 1 mix n match offer at our website.

All the bands are also in our top friends there for you to check out!

MySpace.com - AGP(Next show: THE MUSCLE CLUB - July 1st@Tunnels) - 27 - Male - UK - www.myspace.com/aberdeengigpromotions


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My Cousin I Bid You Farewell added now too - amazing band to complete a pretty damn good line up!

My Cousin I Bid You Farewell on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Check them out

Tickets only a fiver from One Up and Welcome to TicketWeb! and 2 for 1 at our myspace MySpace.com - AGP(Next show: THE ANSWERING MACHINE- Thu 9 July) - 27 - Male - UK - www.myspace.com/aberdeengigpromotions


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This is a week on Sunday

Once again cant stress how much this is going to be amazing

Glint = awesome NYC electro

Atlas Skye = taken former band Drive By Argument to a new level! Cant wait

and the two other supports, The Whisky Works and My Cousin I Bid You Farewell are another two cracking products of the vibrant Scottish scene just now!

And again only a fiver!

On sale at One Up and Welcome to TicketWeb! NOW!

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Featured in the Skinnys LIVE MUSIC HIGHLIGHTS section...

"NYC four-piece Glint deal in icily emotional electronic rock music and although they've not been on our radar for long, we're very impressed with what we've heard. Like a sexier Kid A era Radiohead. Glint manage to mine their singers amazing voice for its full potential while eking out some sublime and unusual soundscapes - and they're not afraid of giving the listener a killer payoff in the form of the occassional display of laser-guided guitar pyrotechnics. Interesting band - check them out at Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire (24 July), Glasgow King Tuts (25 July) and Aberdeen Tunnels (July 26).

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