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Dizzy Storm

FEVERDREAM have had to cancel tomorrow's gig.....boo

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their van decided to die yesterday after driving north from their london gig!!! despite getting the AA to look at it, seems there's no hope for it! they've had to be towed back to london from Stoke!!

they've weighed up all the options - hiring a van, which they wouldnt be able to do till monday morning...but all the expenses that will be incurred is just gonna make it impossible to do the tour now....

they're really gutted and extremely sorry and know how much everyone was looking forward to it and had spread the word....they'll be coming back in october.

anyway, ERIC EUAN will still be playing - and im desperately trying to sort something else out - any ideas welcome!

keep you posted


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Guest stuartmaxwell

i could fill some time up with a 25 minute critique of how life isnt fair etc etc :(

fucking shame that!will still be there to support the euan

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the whole tour is off?

actually, dunno! i thought thats what they were saying but i suppose if they get a van sorted out tomorrow they could probably do some of the other english dates...

damm being so far north! :rolleyes:

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