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Do you play the bass?

Soda Jerk

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Myself (guitar) and an equally good looking chap (drums) are quite set on mimmicking American indie/rock circa 1990's. Radio rock. College rock. Nerd rock. I don't know. Stuff like Weezer, Dinosaur Jr, Jawbreaker, Lemonheads... Hell, even a bit of Green Day before they started wearing make up. Just something simple, melodic yaddayadda.

So, we're looking for a bass player to make it groove! If you can do a bit of vocal harmonising, that'd be neat too, but not essential. Relatively decent gear would be cool, but again, we're not striving for perfection. Just good times.

Once we get into the swing of it, wed be looking to jam in the city centre about once a week/fortnight, at the usual places. Toms/MV

Possibly even looking for a lead guitarist (not a shredder) to make it jangle a bit, and to fatten the whole thing up.

Get on it!

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