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Sixpeopleaway, Headlight, Kristoffer Morgan and Schindler's Fist


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Saturday 20th June

Tunnels 2


Glaswegian two-piece Sixpeopleaway merge melodic acoustic music with laptop bleeps and soulful vocals.

Headlight play upbeat and catchy pop music. Indie rock with an energetic and engaging live show.

Erstwhile frontman of Edgair Prais, local one-man act Kristoffer Morgan's music blends Americana with Folk storytelling.

Schindler's Fist are a shambolic quasi-prog acoustic three piece featuring former and current members of My Favourite Metaphor, The Condiments and Stratopsy.

sixpeopleaway on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Headlight on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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Unfortunately due to various factors just got posters out and about the last couple of days.

Hopefully will see a lot of members of Ab-Music there. Come say hello. There will also be an acoustic set from former members of The Condiments, if any of you still remember them and enjoyed their music, this is one for you!

Tomorrow night at 7.30.

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Probably for another thread maybe, with the title best band names?

but loving the name Schindlers Fist! quality.

Makes me instantly think of some kind of German punk (for some reason).

Makes me think of that too. We're actually a folk collective with a rotating group of musicians. But unfortunately we aren't playing the show anymore.

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