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Gear for sale (Drumkit, Pedals, Basses, PODxt)


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Hello there..

Have a few items for sale, get in touch if you want to check out personally or have any questions:

1) Roland TD3-KW V-Drums + throne

V. good condition, less than 2 years old.

Asking: No less than 400. Originally purchased for almost 700.

2) Janus Double Bass Pedal

Excellent condition, with all accessories and carrying bag.


3) PODxt unit + 4 channel footswitch with expression pedal

A few years old - fully working with extra metal and bass amp packs i purchased myself. An excellent studio/live unit.


4) Ibanez SRX590 Bass (4-string)

Almost flawless: 1 or 2 minor chips. Looks and sounds great.


5) BCRich Warlock (4-string)

This thing's pretty ancient.. but in surprisingly good shape. Old-style pointed headstock. Apparently rare?


I'm based in the city centre so can easily arrange drop-by viewing/testing.



(# 07786211797)

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