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Guest pop-notmyface

stumbling across old sites and other threads....

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Guest pop-notmyface

i found a thread regarding the cd launch of This Is Not An Exit.... Big Bad G eh?





in fact, there are is quite a nice collection of old archived threads just for the nostalgia of it.


"yup, i should be there too. havent seen alyssa's wish for a while.

wonder if they will have a bus full of screaming teenage girls from aberdeen with them"

theres also something about a Torry Youth Band project/case study thing there about Liber8


which also has interesting information on Liber8 collaboration with the police for an anti-drugs video...

Liber8: "imagine a fine sponge cake with a twist of lemon and a sprinkle of


there is so much when you search for Liber8 on the net....

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