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DWP using lie detectors?

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Purnells Lie Detector - Following the Money | Ministry of Truth

I just had my telephone interview for claiming council tax benefit. The lady who called me went through what I thought was a standard preamble about data protection, but mentioned that the recording would be 'analyzed' which I thought was weird. So, I did some googling and apparently they're running voice-stress analysis on claimants!

Not that I'm ripping off the council, of course. I'm just worried that my naturally shifty demeanour might trigger a flag with the software.

And it's fucking creepy...

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Heard about this a while ago, but as far as I'm aware lie detector evidence is inadmissible in a court of law, so why bother wasting money when you can't enforce it?

Sounds about right for the DWP: one of my colleagues used to work there and had no end of complaintsabout the place.

not :up:

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They need to do something though don't they? According to the records of the DWP, there is one shit tonne of "depressed" people.

The problem there is letting people sign on the sick for that reason. You'd have to be pretty fucked before you're completely incapable of work. Anyway, I don't think this phone-screening business would be of much help there. I was just getting asked stuff about bank accounts, mortgage/rent, persons living there. That sort of thing.

I'm trying to find the article about the guy who got caught claiming for about a dozen kids. They should hire him as a consultant.

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They need to do something though don't they?

Do they?

I'd prefer to see them take-on the issue of corporate tax evasion.

That takes a fucktonne more out of our economy than the entire spectrum of benifit fraud. Many of which are not fraud at all - Remember the DWP include people who are subject to overpayment because of internal fuck-ups in the fraud stats too.

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