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Guest treader.

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Guest treader.


So in light of the fact I just lost my job and am really, really really horribly skint I'm selling the following items:

Nintendo DS Lite (Black) w/:

Hotel Dusk Room 215

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright

Brain Training

and the following games which are entirely in Japanese (but sussing out the menus is easy as fuck)

Super Mario Bros.

Mario Kart

Taiko drumming game (like guitar hero, but for a taiko drum)

Looking for about 100 ono given the games with it as well (Taiko game is unavailable in Britain)

Sony PSP (original, not slim) with the following games:

GTA: Vice City Stories

GTA: Liberty City Stories

Call of Duty: Roads to Victory

Smackdown VS Raw 2006

Street Fighter Alpha Max


Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix

Again, looking for 90-100 ono.

Guitar Pedals:

Boss Octave OC-2: 35 ono

EH Holy Grail: 45 ono

There may well be more stuff in the future depending on when I get a new job and/or how much more debt I get myself in.

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Guest treader.

No no, just the end of a temp contract is all. The daily "looking at porn on my lunch hour" probably didn't help though...

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