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AGP looking for support bands...


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AGP is looking for support bands for some shows in our upcoming schedule. The underlined, bold ones are free slots below.

Please have a listen to the headliner first and decide if you "suit" the bill. Whilst we dont demand you take people, its always nice since we promote the fuck out of all our shows, that you do your bit and get some friends along if you can.


SUN 17 MAY - MY VITRIOL + THE XCERTS (no further supports available)

THU 21 MAY - ATLAS SKYE + HIDDEN LEAVES + GET IN GET OUT + LIONS.CHASE.TIGERS (no further supports available)

FRI 22 MAY - CATS IN PARIS + FREE KORPS + DEBUTANT (no further supports available)

WED 27 MAY - MARK MORRISS (The Bluetones) + THE TRADE + DIRTY DEEDS + SOCIAL CHAMELEONS (no further supports available)

WED 3 JUNE - THE FOXES + support tbc + support tbc + suppot tbc - Drummonds

MON 8 JUNE - POST WAR YEARS +FAREWELL SINGAPORE+ support tbc + support tbc - Tunnels

FRI 12 JUNE - WAVE MACHINES + LITTLE KICKS + support tbc - Tunnels

Please get in touch if youre interested stating which gig and a link to your myspace.

Ross x

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