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Tech 21: Sansamp Programmable Bass Driver DI


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This has been in my rig as long as I've been playing bass in bands. It's a real workhorse and is built like a gas outhouse.

The controls are Drive, Bass, Treble, Presence, Blend and Level. Also has an XLR Pad, Phantom Power and 1/4" boost switches. All pretty self explanitory. These can be set to three separate programmable presets.

The best thing about this pedal it's ability to make the most budget of rigs sound better. Can obviously be used with less budget rigs too for different sounds.

My personal favourite feature is the quality of recording availible by just plugging the pedal into a mic input. A pretty hifi sound considering the process involved.

Can be power by 9v battery, power supply or phantom power.

Always thinking of our fat-stringed brethren' date=' we had to make a 3-channel, programmable, rig-in-a-box for bassists who cant get enough of a great thing. Like the TRI-A.C. for guitar, you get three hot tones right at your toetips. The all-analog circuitry features the same controls as its single channel predecessor: Drive, Bass, Treble, Presence, Blend and Level. Digital only in its programmability, you just tweak the knobs until you find a tone, double-tap on a footswitch, and its saved in that channel. Its that simple. Three of your faves -- to go![/quote']

Retail for 205 just now. Ideally looking for 170, but will consider sensible trades or offers.


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