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Wave Machines + The Little Kicks - Fri 12 June

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Some Wave Machines press...

"With more talent than cash, Wave Machines make music on knackered keyboards and a start-up drum kit. With tunes in abundance their lo-fi art disco is a treat" - BBC Music

"will definitely brighten up a festival field or two" - BBC Music

"This could be the love child of Hot Chip and Hail Social, but its done better" - BigStereo

"Art rock disco made on a Cash Converter keyboard and start-up drum kit.

Twelve months in a dock road warehouse making and breaking sounds. Creating songs that are personal and universal. Songs of magic and brotherhood. Exposing your weakness and falling in love, suicide and drug abuse and waking up from a decade of mistakes" - last.fm

"I used to love wave machines, but like shoplifting and optimism, their appeal fades with age. Wave Machines, the band, have a more enduring charm" NME

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Oi Oi - This is tonight!!!! I cant wait! Not seen the Little Kicks for a ages as a full band and had to miss their album launch so really excited to see them and Ive been listening to the Wave Machines album all week and really enjoying it.

You have until midday to get your name to us for 2 for 1 entry (5 for 2) - after that its still a bargain on the door!!!

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Really digging Wave Machines... what time will they be on? I'm at a Ceildh which will probably finish at 12... Expect that is too late to catch them :(

Just listening to their Myspace... awesome!!

Afraid so man- they were out of this world! Really enjoyed them. Probably the best set Ive seen in a while. Good news is they'll be back Sept/Oct time with us so you can catch them then!

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