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Cats In Paris + Free Korps + Debutant @ Tunnels - Fri 22 May

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Just over a week until this

Cats In Paris are truley awesome!

Get down to this and make it a massive Friday out. Gig over by 10.30pm so all good if you have other less enjoyable things to do after this!

Only 5!

you'd still have time afterwards to walk over to Tiger Tiger if you so desired to get in free for some Sell-Outs playing a gig... (Free before 11pm I'm informed)

but anyway don't feel like you have to save your energy for later, get on down the front and dance away to our tunes first, seen some awesome moves from our Aberdeen audiences at recent gigs, long may it continue... okay hopefully I haven't jinxed it now!

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Guest idol_wild

Not that this will make the slightest bit of difference to (m)any of you, but this will be Debutant's final appearance in Aberdeen for a few months.

It's been ages since I caught Free Korps so my memory is hazy, but any band with The Chameleons cited as a reference point is a winner in my book.

Cats In Paris are fucking good. I was thinking about tapping them up a few months back, so this saves me the bother. :up:

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