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Gallows - Grey Britain


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Anyone heard this yet?

Speaking as a total Gallows cynic, I can confidently say that I'm turned around on them now. I think it's pretty amazing, especially London Is The Reason, Crucifucks, The Vulture and I Dread The Night. Lyrically I think it's pretty ace as well.

Streaming over at GALLOWS (GREY BRITAIN STREAMING NOW!!) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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Great band (fuck tha haterz) and looking forward to the new one tomorrow (not gonna stream it).

Wise move. The reason I streamed it is because I was never too keen on them before. Having now listened to it a ton of times in the last couple of days, I wish I'd just gambled and bought it, and heard it properly for the first time. It's properly brilliant.

Interested to see what the short film that comes with it turns out like as well...

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i question them going on a UK tour the day there record goes out, would it not have made more sence to wait a few weeks?

This. Especially as I'm in Autria for the Glasgow date.

Had a few spins - thus far it's good, but I think it needs a few more plays - I found the same with Orchestra of Wolves.....

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