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Craig Tara


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First, f*** knows where to post this post as it doesn't really fit under any of the forum heading's, but Joke might be a word to describe Craig Tara so this is where im putting it.

With the credit crunch, the shitty euro conversion etc my wife and I were looking for a cheap alternative for a week to take our (will be at the time) 18 month son on his first holiday. It was going half price so it was like 100 odd quid for 4 nights

We thought about going for a Caravan in Craig Tara, thought that he would find it fun to stay there.

However, I had a quick look on Trip Advisor (Dont know why I didnt do this first) and it appears as if Craig Tara or should I say Chav Tara isnt a very nice place to take anyone other than Thick bit Chav's, MInks, Jippos and Rapist's.

Just to give you an idea of the headlines on the website

Do Go Its Awful

Health Hazard - Do Not Book

Craig Tara disgusting

Hell Hole

World's Largest Toilet ?

Anyone ever been? Is it as bad as it seems?

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