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By My Hands + Depatures + Big Gunz of Mosh + Uncalm + more @ Cafe Drummonds

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I had a bad feeling this was going to happen again at some point in my life :laughing:

potter is about as gangster as Tony the Tiger "Yea Boi PCC 4 LYFE BIG GUNZ OF MO$H etc"

Is he the big lad usually seen poncing about various hardcore shows trying desperately to look hard?

I mind seeing By My Hands a few years back with Terror (I think). They made me really, really unhappy with the world we live in.

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why do by my handes pull out of lots of gigs at short notice?

i remember they started this massive uproar on the old weapon forums a while back because I said that "they looked like a bunch of neds playing chuncore" and they got all their mates to come on and stick up for them. Good times.

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Guest treader.

I'm probably going to come to this. Potter's a fine boy, but he introduces himself to me every time I see him because he thinks we've never met...

Sandwich short of a picnic, like.

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WARNING: teabags has expressed that he may be getting naked since it will be john phillip's birthday night out.

he also expressed about how difficult it will be for him to stay sober through the 3 teckle bands before he plays. haha

fuck me I just remembered this conversation.

I will not be getting naked, don't worry. Staying sober is going to be a full on test though.

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