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Boss CS2 Compressor & Sustainer for sale


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I am looking to pass on my CS3 as I rarely use it anymore and don't really need it anymore.

A simple pedal for edging out noise/hiss/boomy notes and for sustaining sound on solos, ring outs and tapping. These are much cheaper and simpler than most expensive compressor pedals but do a good job. As always with boss, these are sturdy and reliable units.

My standard settings are:

Volume - 1 o'clock

Tone - 1 - 2 o'clock

Attack - Rhthym: 9 o'clock - lead 12 to full

Sustain - Rhthym 10 o'clock or so (depending on type of song). When playing lead 3 o'clock to full.

These setting have worked well for both bass and guitar with me in the past.

This pedal is useful for guitar, bass, keys, vocals etc

Pedal is in great nick and looks brand new. comes with the box

These retail at 60 new on Dolphin Music etc and I am looking for around 30

Give me a shout if you require any further info

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