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Drum Machine/Percussion programmer wanted


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We are an eclectic-indie upbeat rock band looking for a drum machine programmer in the place of a drummer. We were a three piece band until we kicked the drummer out. We are looking for the "next level" sound for our drums. Very catchy, simple structured songs with great lyrics. Have recorded cds with Espo Records and have been offered a record deal from Resprise Records. Our music has been played on college radio nationally and have beat out some bands on the charts like Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters, Deftones. we have also played shows around the country but mainly in the Boston area. Guitarist/Singer lives in Charlotte, NC and myself (bassist) live in Boston,MA. We would be looking to record online by sending files to each other to start. Looking for drums that sound real but also some added percussion. Similar to Angels & Airwaves, Rediscover, Metro Station. Email me for more info. thanks

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