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Aberdeen-Music stalking.


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Malt Mill's still there. Don't think they still do bands though. There's been a "For Lease" sign outside for ages. A fantatic business opportunity for the right person...

Chris is still in the Co-Op, hovering around the canned goods waiting for the staff to mark down the bent tins of baked beans.

The guy who had the lease is on here occasionally, he's currently putting together a new venue up in Elginshire in an old Distillery (Has been for the past few years but has got his planning permission etc together for it now).

The Coleburn

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Double lunch time Rosemount stalk - Alan Cynic (I think) walking past Sainsbury's whilst putting on a black Thinsulate bunnet followed by Graham Knight walking past the Barber's Pole in standard white shirt/black trouser combo.

Good one.... I was doing my Rosemount charity shops trawl, but inwardly moaning that I'd forgotten my reading specs.

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