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The Sutherland Brothers


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I've always loved "The Arms of Mary":

But I didn't realise The Sutherland Brothers were from Peterhead and Ellon.

They seem to get airbrushed out whenever anyone is referring to North-east musical successes such as Annie Lennox/APB/The Shamen etc.

And of course "Quiver" guitarist Tim Renwick went on to join Pink Floyd.

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One of my faves along with the Beatles and Dire Straits for the sole fact my old man used to listen to them all the time and it's been drilled into me from birth! My Dad still listens to their records. Some of them have fantastic artwork!

Produced by Steve and Muff Winwood as well, no less.

"The Pie" is my all time favourite Sutherland Bros. song. World in Action, Champion the Underdog, Dream Kid. Ahh, so many great songs. Arms of Mary is indeed a classic too.

Always a favourite telling the uninitiated that the "real" version of Sailing is actually a short song written by a guy from Peterhead which actually has some meaning behind it and isn't just an excuse to wave your arms like "Rod the Mod." At least Gavin S. made a fortune off the back of it, I suppose

Harmony wise they are up with with Lennon / McCartney and the Everly Brothers in my book. That good.

I get all nostalgic when I listen to them and think of long car journeys singing the songs with my sister.

Off to listen to "Lifeboat"..........

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