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JD Twitch (from Optimo) live rave set

Guest Giles Walker

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Guest Giles Walker

I was just going through some mixes on my external hard drive and i came across this gem from the start of this year.

Zomby was booked to play in Glasgow for Kinky Afro and he pulled out so Twitch did a two hour set of rave classics.

Grab it here

Here's a recording of 70 minutes of last night if anyone fancies some 1992 hardcore uproar action. I only had a few hours notice that I was going to do this so a lot of the records I grabbed I literally hadn't heard for 17 years until i played them in the club. There are approx. 33 tracks on this that veer from totally ridiculous, do your head in early UK hardcore, to Belgian rave stormtroopers to the hardest record ever made (Mescalinium United's "We Have Arrived") to early (and not so early) jungle to Sheffield bass n' bleep and on....

It was so much fun that I think I'll do it again in 2026.

The Alternative - Fillet-O-Fish

The Blapps Posse - Bus It

DJs Unite Vol. 1

Bass N' Buzz White Label

Cosmo & Dibs - Oh So Nice

Blame - Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice mix)

Cosmo & Dibs - Help Me

Hardcore - Get A Little Stupid

2 Bad Mice - Hold It Down

The House Crew - Keep The Fire Burning

2 Bad Mice - Bomb Scare

Bizarre Inc. - Playing With Knives

EQ-Lazer - The Heart Break

Holy Noise - Get Down Everybody (Remix)

Human Resource - Dominator stab / Joey Beltram - My Sound drums / Outlander - Vamp piano loop / Zeta 3 - whoops

The Mover - Nightflight

Joey Beltram - Energy Flash (Twitch edit)

Mescalinium United - We Have Arrived

Remarc - R.I.P.

DJ Crystl - Let It Roll

Splash - Babylon

Asylum - Da Base 2 Dark

Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing


Juno - Soul Thunder

Tricky Disco - Tricky Disco

Directional Force - Forever

Speedy J - Pullover

Frank De Wulf - The Magic Orchestra

Marusha - Rave Channel

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