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Massive Sega Dreamcast Bundle


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hi there i have a great bundle of dreamcast stuff to get rid of

everyhting is working and most of it boxed

i have one console with two controllers and two rumble packs and 2 memory cards all boxed also includes a scart cble

i have a fishing rod controller with fishing game boxed and a arcade fighting stic which is also boxed

all games are boxed with their manuals some cases are bit broken but most are in great condition. 22 games in total....

4 wheel Thunder

Ferrari F355 Challenge

Legacy of Kain:soul reaver

Metropolis Street Racer

Psychic Force 2012

Resident evil code veronica

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

Speed Demons

Sonic Adventure

Sega Rally

Sega Bass Fishing

Sega Gt

Sega worldwide soccer

Snow Surfers

Soul Caliber

Star Wars Ep1 Racer

Tokyo Midnight Racing

Tony hawks Pro Skater 2

Virtua tennis

WWF Attitue

WWF Royal Rumble

looking for around 120 but feel free to make me an offer

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You crazy bastard! Don't sell it. Retro games are the balls! You'll regret it in 50yrs when you are no longer able to understand the computer game technology of the day.

I'd buy it but I don't have the room. Bought a SNES that I never play and I've still got my Megadrive. Good times.

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yeah maybe your right but like you say i got it and i dont play it but one day i prob will lol

plus i do have a shit hot collection of titles for it! just a shame i have my ps3 sat next to it and everytime i wanna play im so lazy to get up and turn the dam thing on i just pick up the ps3 controll and turn it on

gotta love wireless technology:)

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