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Pictures that make you actually laugh out loud

Guest treader.

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oh! ... and the Spiderman ride at Universal 8-)

Preferred the Hulk ride and the 3D Terminator thing (not really a ride, I know). I was actually on Spiderman on 10th September 2001, went on it again four days later and they'd cut out about two mins of it due to it having Spidey saving you after falling off one of the twin towers. No idea if they ever put in something else to make it longer again

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2000 was the first time i was on it, then again in 2003, don't remember that at all. I would have been in new york when 911 happened but my dad had to cancel the holiday due to work and we didn't reschedule after the it happened.

I only remember because there was only a couple days between being on it. Think we went back mostly for Hulk tho - loved how it started

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Me and my dad got the whole thing to ourselves at the end of the day, i know it makes absolutely no difference but at the time we were dead chuffed. Just because it was the end of the day and pure luck. We both sat right at the front and it did make it feel enormously scarier.

Been on Tower of Terror at both Disney World and Dsiney Land, think they're pretty much the same.

I think Rock and Rollercoaster would be my fave, love indoor coasters. Unbeliveably Space Mountain was closed for refurb when I was at both Disney's. :down:

The Rip Ride Rockit however was the only coaster I've been on that made me feel ill, and I broke my camera on it.

Worth going to Florida in October to go to the Halloween Horror nights at Universal, they are amazing.

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