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Word Festival 2009 Programme

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I've planned out what I want to go to. Friday and Saturday are quite busy, and I'm annoyed that Luke Haines clashes with Kennedy/Burnside/Paterson/Galloway, but I'm choosing the latter I think. The only thing I REALLY want to go to on the Sunday is the morning talk on ebooks and the 'future of reading'.

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yeah, the word festival looks pretty rubbish, but on the other hand

there is always the wordfringe festival


This year he's pulled out all the stops, highlights for me will be

4th May Demented elegance word wrestling - aberdeen arts centre - Rapunzel will be one of the guys doing this, he's just brilliant

19th May Attila the stockbroker/David Rovics - tunnels, aberdeen - you young folk need to see Attila the stockbroker - I first saw him at glasto in 88 - before you were born, but he's sitll a sharp as ever

22nd May John Hegley - Lemon tree, aberdeen. - his poetry is short, sharp and funny, easy to remember and great for picking up Judith's.


So you're not a myth.

You're the apple of my eye

and the orange of my glasses,

you're the succulence and pith.


be my kin, give us a kith.

but there is lots more all around aberdeenshire.



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