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Maxtor Basics 250gb, a two-tier keyboard stand, DVDs and other stuff

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25 O.N.O

for this


never used, but out of packaging. perfect condition! less than a month old.

also going

3 doctor who dvds - remembrance/resurrection/revelation of the daleks - 15 for the lot, 5 each. Afro Droid said he'd take them a month or so back, but never did, so they're still going.

also, a black crossframe keyboard stand with a second tier - looks kind of like this


is solid as hell, forgot i had it til my drummer gave it back! now i have an apex ultimate support so i don't need it anymore.



big suitcase - dont know dimensions, but looks the size of one of those really big ones primark used to do. Is a charming polka-dot finish. In perfect nick, only ever used to move flat once, and that was about 100 yards. Belonged to my parents, but they said i could keep it - dont need it, so its going for 10.

potentially more dvds going soon, i'll post later

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