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Ehnahre + Dead In The Woods + Ablach + Uncalm + Spectral Fairground @ Captain Toms

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Ehnahre (USA) - 1 part complex brutal death metal & equal parts unsettling atmospheric doom. Ex kayo dot and forcefedglass

"Crawling on their belly toward the farthest outposts of doom and death metal, Ehnahre offer up an experience that'll force any listeners staying the course to explore some dark nooks and crannies they may well wish they'd never gazed into. A lengthy five-part ordeal, "The Man Closing Up" sees the band dealing very much in textures and ambience, favouring glowering half-chords, brittle rakings of the strings and jarring, jazz inf(l)ected changes of direction over straight-up aggression, employing familiar minor-key descents into the abyss or roiling death metal lurches only on occasion, seemingly as a murderous afterthought rather than any sort of end purpose in themselves. Vocals shapeshift between monosyllabic death grunts, throat-clogged rasps and mysterious ether whispers, those behind them joined for a time by the morose croon of fringe metal journeyman Jonah Jenkins. The overall result finds itself pitched somewhere amidst the wilfully obtuse likes of Khanate, Asva and Portal; unpredictable and not necessarily easy to digest but, as of yet, ever so slightly shy of the greatness those bands have managed to achieve."

-Alex Dellar, Collective Zine

Dead in the Woods (ENG) - Crushing melancholic doom with added crusty side-order. Ex Army of Flying Robots.

"Rising from the slumber of Army Of Flying Robot's foreseeable lay-off, Dead In The Woods lay down some seriously heavy tunes for their first release. Recorded at Stuck On A Name studios in Nottingham, this CD comes in a cardboard sleeve, complete with intelligent lyrics and explanations of said tracks, and a wax seal of the band's logo on the back to keep it all together. You can't beat a well put together CD like this, anyone can throw a few tunes on Myspace for download, but it will never replace the joy found in throwing on a great CD or record, and checking out the complete package.

Musically, this lays somewhere between the slower-to-mid tempos of His Hero Is Gone and High On Fire, and an apt word to describe it would be crushing. 'Sunken Cathedral' kicks things off with a snaking guitar riff, before it's buried beneath the rest of the band joining in, and it doesn't let up for 6 minutes, as guitars trampled you like a herd of elephants, drums pound and vocals roar. The pace picks up slightly for 'With Us The Fire Lives On' with its driving and changing rhythms, before 'Retribution' finishes things off with more tight riffing and thundering drum fills. Speaking of drumming, the surprise package here is Henry, if you've only heard/seen him screaming for AOFR, he certainly knows his way around a kit.

So, great artwork and great music, giving you a glimpse of what these boys can do. More please."

from ninehertz

Ablach - Local fast blast grind attack. 'nuff said.

Uncalm - Cursed and Converge influenced local hardcore ninja trio.

Spectral Fairground - Scabies influenced soundscapes that ripple and crawl underneath the skin.

April 11th 2009

Capt Toms

Ann St


"mandatory donation" of 5 on the door.

Hand vomited poster coming soon.

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Looks like something for me to do in April :up:

* Just noticed the picture above and thought i'd better mention i was refering to the gig at Capt Toms o_O

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well in before - mid set and after .... i'd ideally like to expose myself to kids, try and take the heat off wifebeater.

Maybe some piss and shit will be smeared , depends on my diet at the time.

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Running order will be:

Spectral Fairground



Dead In The Woods


unless Ablach are game for going on last to keep da kidz in for the touring bands?

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